Raw Materials and Custom Mixing

All the raw materials listed in the table below are available in our warehouse for prototyping and production and for customized blending according to the application, the cost and the colour required.

Polymer SymbolCommon Name (Chemical Name)SAE J200 Material Designation
ACMPolyacrylate Rubber (Acrylic Esters Copolymer)DF.DH.EH
BRButadiene RubberAA
ECOEpichlorohydrin/Ethylene Oxide(Oxirane) CopolymerCH
EPDMEthylene Propylene Diene TerpolymerAA.BA.CA.DA
FKMFluorocarbon RubberHK
HNBRHydrogenated Nitrile Rubber
(Hydrogenated Acrylonitrile Butadiene Copolymer)
IIRButyl Rubber (Isobutene-Isoprene)AA.BA
NBRNitrile Rubber (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Copolymer)BF.BG.BK.CH
NRNatural RubberAA
SBRStyrene Butadiene RubberAA.BA
MQ(VMQ,PVMQ,SIR)Silicone RubbersFC.FE.GE
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